"Your business is only the reflection of your self"

The day I witnessed an entrepreneur going to the hospital because of his stress, I started to give all my energy to share the inner-mastery tools I had acquired over the last years.

The life of an entrepreneur, a business or anyone, must be first of foremost a harmonious life rather than a stressed one.

Lacking to manage our emotions, thoughts and body functions, is the cause of many of our problems.


In order to revert this, I invite you to take a look inside.



After our first meeting we will decided together of the frequency of the programm, it can vary from one week to few months. Inpulsions comes to your place or office for you or your whole team.


Through different pratical inner exercices, we will be exploring in details the mecanisms of our thoughts, emotions and body.
 Those 3 elements define

our life experience.

The goal is simple: allowing you to become the master of your own self, so your day doesn't look like a stressful battle, but rather a harmonious adventure.





Exemple of one session

Review of daily challenges and theorical explanation of our inner mecanism

Applied experiences with various exercices of self observation (meditation)

Debrief & Feedback on the experience

20 to 30 minutes​

15 to 20 minutes​

10 to 15 minutes​

"The quality of our decisions depends on the quality of our state of mind"

The impact of the method

The positive benefits of a regular practice of meditation have now been largely proved by the scientific community. I do not wish to make a "nice" list of benefits, ranging from a reduction of stress, better emotional resilience, and better relationships.


I simply invite you to see that your business is the sum of your decisions.

The quality of your decisions is not the same when you are stressed or when you are calm and centered.



There is no doubt, inner mastery is a key factor for the success of your business.


Qualifier les sessions avec Melchior de "illuminantes" est la moindre des choses. Non seulement nous avons réussi à diminuer le niveau de stress dans l’entreprise, mais nous avons appris à communiquer entre nous nos émotions et nos peurs, nous permettant de gérer les problèmes avant qui ils puissent être endommageant. 

Dans nos vies extrêmement chaotiques, nous oublions souvent que pour trouver les bonnes réponses, il nous suffit de s’écouter. C’est ça que Melchior fait, il nous réapprend à nous écouter comme si ont était des enfants, et il nous donne les moyens et la force pour faire confiance à la vie.

Paola Belia- CEO @ Cadesio Chocolate

Je veux faire 30 jours avec  

Meditation & stress managment

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