"Welcoming all that is in us, is the first step towards inner harmony"

At one point in our life, we understand that we cannot continue to live the same way we did before. Change must happen. 

Tired of fighting against our various inner or outward issues, a strong pulsion pushes us to seek for something new.


The various programs Inpulsions proposes are here to guide you inside of your self and shed light on your own shadows.

In the unconditional acceptance of our shadows, clarity will manifest.

After our first meeting, we will decide together of the frequency. It can vary from one week to several months. Inpulsions either comes to your place or can welcome you in it's meditation rooms in Lutry or Bethusy (VD). If you are not in this area, the programs can be done online.


Through different pratical inner exercices, we will be exploring in details the mecanisms of our thoughts, emotions and body.
 Those 3 elements define

our life experience.

The goal is simple: allowing you to become the master of your own self, so your day doesn't look like a stressful battle, but rather a harmonious adventure.



Tailor-made programs

Exemple of one session

Review of daily challenges and theorical explanation of our inner mecanism

Applied experiences with various exercices of self observation (meditation)

Debrief & Feedback on the experience

20 to 30 minutes​

15 to 20 minutes​

10 to 15 minutes​


"Je suis tellement reconnaissant envers Melchior pour m'avoir accompagné dans les méandres de ma quête de paix, dans un moment où je faisais fasse à un mur.


Il a été d'une sagesse et d'une intelligence inouïe dans sa manière de m'aider à apprivoiser mes problèmes et les transcender pour leur créer une valeur pédagogique nouvelle.


La paix que je garde avec moi encore aujourd'hui suite à nos moments ensemble reste un des cadeaux les plus précieux que l'on m'ait offert au cours des dernières années. Je ne saurais que recommander Melchior et sa sagesse a quiconque cherche à développer sa conscience et sa présence au monde."

Bastien Rojanawisut - Mathématicien et Software Engineer

Meditation & stress managment

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