I will be honest with you.

Turning inward, meditating and welcoming yourself is not an easy task.

Everything that we have fled or avoided, goes back up.
And often it starts with a lot, a lot of fuss.

My role is to walk you through all this shadow, simply by facing it.

No mindfullness, no connection with angels, or whatever new neo-spiritual fantasy. 


Simply being with you, listening, welcoming.


If you have the courage to go and see yourself as you are, harmony will manifest itself in abundance.

The themes  

Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics for which people often come to see me.

I try to meditate, I can't do it


Emotional food issues



and stress

I have too many emotions I don't know how to deal with them

I want to heal from my childhood traumas

I have fears, I don't know how to overcome them

I tried so many practices, nothing works. I am not at peace

I feel stuck in my evolution and spiritual practice

I get angry easily and am often agitated

Why is it happening to me ?

The sessions are happening face to face in Lutry or Lausanne (av. Béthusy)

or online on zoom


Each session lasts 1 hour and the number varies from one to several,

according to each person's need